2. Non-residential space in Mladá Boleslav (M. Boleslav) 

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Studio/non- residential space

12 200 CZK / month + 5 000 CZK commission fee

We offer for rent a non-residential space / studio (1kk) with an area of
18.6 m2, in a brick building, located in a quiet area of Mladá Boleslav, a short walk from ŠKODA - Česana in Luční Street. In 2016, the house underwent a complete renovation.

The unit is unfurnished, renovated and located in the basement of the house overlooking the street. Parking is possible at the house, where are parking zones.

The orientation of the apartment is on the north. Thanks to the insulation and its location, the apartment within the house is economical. Heating and hot water is on the central gas boiler, located in the basement. The unit is in personal ownership with the possibility of redemption from the owner.

The unit is immediately ready for delivery. It is without a tenant, unfurnished and tidy.

Charges for prepayments (electricity, water, heat, elevator, internet etc.) The lessee does not overwrite electricity or other services. 


  • 1kk, Non residential space (18,6m2)
  • maximum capacity: 2 guests
  • no elevator (basement floor)
  • unfurnished, only furnished with a new kitchen and bathroom with shower
  • Wi-Fi (possible but not included)
  • parking on the street


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Minimum rental period is 1 month
Minimum rental period is 1 month